Leading to Improve Future Teachers (LIFT Studies)

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Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne, Level 5, 100 Leicester Street, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria 3053, Australia

Leading to Improve Future Teachers (LIFT Studies)

Welcome to the Leading to Improve Future Teachers (LIFT) Studies.
Led by Dr Anne Suryani, the LIFT Studies aim to enhance the quality of future teachers through research and practice.
Please check out our website www.liftstudies.org

Fields of study: Social Sciences, Education, Multidisciplinary, Arts, Culture & Humanities

Parent institution: University of Melbourne

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  • Kencho Lam • John Polesel • Gosia Klatt • Anne Suryani
    public Education And Society
    In Bhutan half of the population is under the age of 25 (United Nations 2017) and strengthening the pathways of all young people, regardless of their background, is one of the priorities in the Bhutan...
  • Anne Suryani
    public The International Journal Of Learning
    This paper reports preliminary findings of a larger study investigating Internet access and usage by Indonesian students in Australian universities. Questionnaires were administered to 94 undergraduat...
  • Anne Suryani
    public Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi
    This article reviews several differences between case study and ethnography in terms of definitions, characteristics, strengths and limitations. It provides current information by comparing the...
  • Anne Suryani
    public Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi
    In this article, I discuss the idea about how Information and Communication Technologies – particularly the internet – can be developed as a tool to support independent learning. From my point of view...
  • Anne Suryani • Helen M. G. Watt • Paul W. Richardson
    public International Journal Of Quantitative Research In Education
    The motivations for undertaking teacher education and perceptions about the teaching profession were examined among 802 fourth-year undergraduate teacher education students at two public and...